Greenpower for primary school

The Goblin Kit Car

A self-assembly kit for the 5the and 6the grade of primary education.

Students assemble this electric single-seater trolley in about 15 hours.

They clad the frame with painted sheets they invent and make themselves. So for that "bodywork", they have to call on all their creativity and dexterity!

Every school year, the trolley is dismantled and the kit is ready for a new class group again.

Nice to know: in the UK, Goblin teams make up half of the 750 active teams. In Belgium, we are in the start-up phase, so schools participating are pioneers of a fun community under construction!

The Goblin Gathering

Every year we organise a mini-race, on the fringes of the F24 final in Zolder.

In the car park, the Goblins compete against each other in a slalom, an agility test, and individual time trials (3 laps on course).

And, of course, there is also a prize for the most beautiful car!

Goblin all-in formulas

The school can choose from two formulas for purchase of the Kit Car incl. participation in the Goblin Gathering.

A one-off purchase of €3,930 (incl. VAT) or a payment spread over 3 years of €1,375/year (incl. VAT).

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