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The Greenpower Team

Pierre de Canniere - Founder & CEO

Pierre is the driving force behind the Greenpower project in Belgium. His experience, vision and enthusiasm for bringing companies and students together in a playful way around STEM education made this project what it is.

Ingeborg Van Germeersch - Director

Ingeborg is a director at GP. She is involved in the organisation from A-Z . As the manager of an HR company and an expert in career management, she is the ideal discussion partner for companies that want to tackle a structural problem around technical bottleneck professions through their cooperation with GP.

Sophie Putman - Marketing

Sophie is our marketing specialist. She brings a sparkling touch of creativity to all aspects of the Greenpower project. If Greenpower's logo means anything to you, it is most likely thanks to her expertise.

Thomas Leemans - Technical

Thomas is our technical man. He handles the overall technical coordination of Greenpower. He provides technical advice for the teacher and his students (the race teams), supporting them in coming up with the design and body concept, building the car and providing support before and during the races.